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Israel Study Tour

Bethany of Montclair, Chino Valley Community Church

Mar 20-31, 2019
Led by Josh Matlock, Jeff Carter

Israel Study Tour - Troy Thomas & Marshall Holtvluwer

Follow Me

Mar 18-28, 2019
Led by Troy Thomas, Marshall Holtvluwer

Israel Study Tour

Highland Park Community Church

Mar 17-29, 2019
Led by Mike Fackler

Israel Study Tour - The Forge (Pine Cove)

The Forge

Mar 10-22, 2019
Led by Jared Schuler

Israel-in-Depth with Rod VanSolkema

Ancient Paths Study Tours

Mar 1-13, 2019
Led by Rod VanSolkema

Egypt, Jordan, Israel with Nile Cruise

GTI Tours

Feb 28 - Mar 15, 2019
Led by Dr. Jonathan & Jennifer Greer

Israel Study Tour - Hope Fellowship Frisco TX

Hope Fellowship

Feb 24 - Mar 7, 2019
Led by Launa Vaughn

Crossings Community Church

Feb 16-28, 2019
Led by Terry & Laura Feix

Oaks Christian School

Feb 13-22, 2019
Led by Jade Molina

Israel Study Tour with Freshwater Community Church and International Ministerial Fellowship

International Ministerial Fellowship, Freshwater Community Church

Feb 4-15, 2019
Led by Randy Alonso, Dr. John Braland

North Coast School of Ministry

Jan 12-21, 2019
Led by Rich Ferreira

Israel Study Tour - Wheaton Academy

Wheaton Academy

Jan 8-17, 2019
Led by Marshall Holtvluwer

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Jan 2-12, 2019
Led by Jonathan Greer

Israel Pastor's FAM Trip

GTI Tours

Jan 2-13, 2019
Led by Rich Ferreira, Randy Alonso

Israel Study Tour - The Bridge Bible Church

The Bridge Bible Church

Dec 9-19, 2018
Led by Jeff Gowling

The Well Community Church

Nov 25 - Dec 6, 2018
Led by Brad Bell

Calvary Church Los Gatos

Nov 18-29, 2018
Led by Steve Dang, Andrew West

Passion Church

Nov 17-29, 2018
Led by Steve Ely, Bob Ely

Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo

Nov 5-16, 2018
Led by Karen Miller , Rob Miller

Israel Study Tour with Our Lord's Community Church and Grace Community Church

Our Lord's Community Church, Grace Community Church

Oct 16-26, 2018
Led by Roc Bottomly

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