Israel Study Tour with Adventure Church of Yuba City

Nov 8-19, 2022

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Day 09 - Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane

posted on Saturday Nov 19 2022 at 1:00 am UTC

Day Nine: Friday November 19, 2022   I cannot believe that today is the last day of our trip.  It has been such an awesome journey through history, one that I will forever be changed because of.  There were some amazing places that we journeyed into today.   We began on...

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Day 08 - Jerusalem: City of David, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Southern Steps, Yad Vashem

posted on Thursday Nov 17 2022 at 9:00 pm UTC

What an amazing yet challenging day! Today we began in the City of David. Walking through what archeologists believe is the remains of the King’s Palace was incredible. The scope and magnitude were so impressive.  As we worked our way down the city, we entered what is known as Hezekiah’s...

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Day 07 - Jerusalem : Temple Mount, Rabbinic Tunnels, Western Wall, Herodium, Bethlehem, Johnny's (shopping)

posted on Wednesday Nov 16 2022 at 11:00 pm UTC

We finally made it to Jerusalem, and today we got to visit the Temple Mount. While the Temple Mount is in the city of Jerusalem, it is still under Palestinian control, which meant that we had to go through a security checkpoint. We were told that we could not bring anything with us that had anything...

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Day 06 - Galilee: Beth Shean, Megiddo, Mt. Carmel, Caesarea Maritima

posted on Wednesday Nov 16 2022 at 1:00 am UTC

  Today was an amazing day.  We started off in the lower Jordan River and Pastor Greg baptized twelve people!!!  It was incredible and awesome, and the day only got better after that.   Our first stop was at Beth She ‘an.  Beth She ‘an mean “the house...

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Day 05 - Galilee: Katzrin, Mount Bental, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan

posted on Tuesday Nov 15 2022 at 1:00 am UTC

  Today we went back in time. We visited a place called Katzrin and got dressed up in first -century clothes. We learned what it would have been like to live in Jesus’ time. It was incredible to work the olive press and see how olive oil in made. We also go to go into a house and see how...

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Day 04 - Galilee: Chorazin, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum, Galilee Boat Ride

posted on Sunday Nov 13 2022 at 8:00 pm UTC

Today we began our tour of the Galilee region. We learned that the sea of Galilee isn’t really a place, it’s a region.  We began at Tabgha, which is known for the fishing. It is the place where Jesus called the brothers, Peter and Andrew, and James and John. It is also somewhere...

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Day 03 - Wilderness: Ein Gedi, Qumran, Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Jericho

posted on Sunday Nov 13 2022 at 1:00 am UTC

Today we visited Ein Gedi; a sight that had an amazing story with David and King Saul. 1 Samuel 23:29 begins the story of the boy who would be king and a king who acted like a boy. Ein Gedi had everything that a man in hiding would need: caves, a freshwater spring, and plenty of food to be hunted. On...

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Day 02 - Wilderness: Masada, Camel Ride, Tel Arad, Dead Sea Swim

posted on Friday Nov 11 2022 at 7:00 pm UTC

Today we visited Masada, and while Masada is never mentioned in the Bible, there were some tremendously significant events that happened here. First some geography: Masada is located on the Eastern side of the Judean Mountains by the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea. It is a flat mountain that is...

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Day 01 - Shephelah: Yad Hashmonah, Beth Shemesh, Azekah, Beth Guvrin (Maresha)

posted on Thursday Nov 10 2022 at 11:00 pm UTC

We visited Kiriath-Jearim (Forest town) High in the Judean Mountains, and learned that a garden in Israel isn’t like ours in the states. For the Israelite people, a garden was only for resources that were useful for the people.  Kiriath-Jearim had lots of herbs, grapes, olives and other edible...

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Day 00 - Travel

posted on Wednesday Nov 09 2022 at 10:00 pm UTC

What a day!!!  Thirteen-hour flight from San Fransisco to Istanbul, with a short layover, and then an hour and forty-five-minute flight to Tel-Aviv. We traveled 24 hours to get to Israel, and so far, it is so worth it.  It was dark when we landed in Israel so we haven’t seen much yet,...

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Preparing for Israel

posted on Tuesday Oct 11 2022 at 6:19 pm UTC

Our trip will be here before you know it! Once we're on the ground we'll post periodic updates and photos. Check back often or get update notifications using the subscribe options on this page. We'll be sharing our travel experiences online with you, our friends and family, to not only bring you along...

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