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We want to help you bring the land and the lessons of the Bible to life!

That is the goal of our podcast, our partners, and the other resources on this page—to help you continue to grow in your understanding of the Bible and appreciation for how its context transforms the text into full color in 3D!

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What do we mean by "Giving Back"? Good question. Typically it would not be like us to link to sites with products available for purchase. But from our perspective, this is an opportunity to support our partners during this time. Without our partners, we could not do what we do. Over the years they became friends who have now become family. So follow these links to see some amazing products and gifts. When you buy goods from the Land, you are Giving Back to the people and places that are so special to us all.

Promises of Glory - Handmade Quilts

You really must take a moment to see some of these handmade quilted wall tapestries of scenes from the Holy Land. They are breathtaking! Each and every quilt is made by human hand, so there will be slight variations between each piece of art—a leaf from the olive tree, the crown of the pomegranate, etc., making the one on your wall unique and a one-of-a-kind !

If you do order something, use the promo code "GTI" so 10% percent of the profits go directly into our Guide Support Fund

Shop PromisesOfGlory.com

Johnny's Souvenir Shop - Handcarved Olivewood

If you're been to Israel with GTI Tours there is a good chance you visited Johnny's in Bethlehem and seen firsthand the rich beauty of their hand-carved olive wood figures. Whether you want to display a nativity set each year or place a simple figure on your shelf, Johnny's has what you're looking for!

Shop JohnnySouvenir.com

Tree of Life - Handcrafted Mosaics (with free shipping!)

Founded in 2018 by a group of friends suffering from various physical disabilities, the Tree of Life Handicraft Center has now grown to a staff of almost 100 people including artists, staff, and other support roles.

Due to the lack of tourism, Tree of Life has quickly transitioned from a brick and mortar to an online store. Fortunately for us all, the Jordanian royal family has aggreed to support the Tree of Life Handicraft Center with free shipping by covering all international shipping costs. Check out their beautiful and diverse handmade mosaics.

Shop OwnMosaic.com

GTI Tours T-Shirts

At GTI Tours, we consider our partners not only friends but family. Most likely your previous tour guide had a big part in making your Israel trip so memorable. Here is your chance to give back! Use the link below to support our guides during this time when their industry (and livelihood) is on hold. If you donate $25 or more we will send you a special GTI Tours t-shirt as a thank-you gift!

Support Our Guides

Upcoming Signature Tours

With 25 years of experience creating trips for other ministries, we've prepared our own signature study tours featuring some of our favorite itineraries and compelling teachers! If you've never been on a GTI Study Tour, take a moment to learn more about what you can expect.

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