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Studying for Your Tour

A sacred journey to the Lands of the Bible is a life transformative experience.

During your trip, you will transverse dozens of ancient sites. The history, geography, culture, not to mention biblical references, can all be a little overwhelming.

To help you better prepare for your trip, we have created the Pre-trip Course. It is designed to introduce you to the history, culture, and geography of the Land you will be exploring.

**Not all tour leaders offer the GTI Pre-trip Course**

Course Overview

The goal is to give you a framework to better synthesize information once you get to the Land, not to mention have some head & heart space left to truly process what God will be speaking to you.

The Pre-trip Course will not focus on any particular site that you will visit on your trip, rather the broader historical, cultural, and geographical framework. As a group, you will then dive into the ancient sites with Bible in hand.

Course Philosophy

To get the most out of your trip, we recommend setting aside time to digest these videos and dig into Scripture. Along these lines, we encourage you to resist the temptation of googling sites that you will visit. Trust us, the biblical sites are best experienced for the first time in-person.

Course Goals

The Pre-trip Course is broken up into a series of video teachings. Each video has a downloadable Word document for taking notes. These are designed for you to watch at your own pace or within the context of a small group.

After your trip, we will provide you with a Post-trip Course to assist your ongoing learning and formation.

Watch a Sneak Peak

Watch the first lesson video in our Pre-trip Course for Turkey.

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