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Is it possible to be homesick for a place you have never lived? Many people who have been to Israel would say that it is. Listen to a former participant describe how our Israel experiences weave together pieces of our spirit, mind, and heart. These invisible threads not only connect us to the Land but leave us ever longing for it and the Messiah who called it Home.

Northpointe Community Church

Jan 30 - Feb 10, 2023
Led by Shane Ham

Hill Country Community Church

Feb 6-17, 2023
Led by Al Hester

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GTI Tours

Jan 9-20, 2023
Led by Rich Ferreira

Wheaton Academy

Jan 7-17, 2023
Led by Marshall

Sun Grove Church

Dec 11-22, 2022
Led by Heather Flaig

Holy Land Study Tour with Dexter United Methodist Church

Dexter United Methodist Church

Dec 5-16, 2022
Led by Tim Broyles, Dr. Matt Hook

Bridgeway Christian Church

Nov 28 - Dec 9, 2022
Led by Matt Bach

The Heart of God Tour

Under the Fig Tree

Nov 24 - Dec 3, 2022
Led by George

Adventure Church of Yuba City

Nov 8-19, 2022
Led by Greg Mansur

River City Christian

Nov 7-19, 2022
Led by Mark, Jesse Smith

The Well Community Church

Nov 1-13, 2022
Led by Brad Bell

More Than Music

Oct 31 - Nov 11, 2022
Led by Dave LeMieux

Taft Avenue Community Church

Sep 12-23, 2022
Led by Craig

Turkey Signature Tour

GTI Tours

Sep 11-21, 2022
Led by Brian Haynes

GTI Tours

Sep 3-15, 2022
Led by Randy

Homesick for Israel Tour

GTI Tours

Aug 28 - Sep 8, 2022
Led by Rich Ferreira

Parkway Hills Baptist Church

Jul 11-22, 2022
Led by Josh Allen

Northway Church

Jul 9-21, 2022
Led by Shea

Crossroads Impact Ministries

Jun 27 - Jul 8, 2022
Led by Ralph

MTH Ministries Israel Study Tour

MTH Ministries

Jun 27 - Jul 7, 2022
Led by Marshall

Israel Study Tour with Scott Heare

Jun 27 - Jul 11, 2022
Led by Scott

Ancient Paths Study Tours

Jun 24 - Jul 6, 2022
Led by rod

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