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1BL Israel Study Tour

Arbor Road Church

May 25 - Jun 4, 2015
Led by Rich Ferreira, Brent

Israel In Depth - Crossings Community Church

Crossings Community Church

May 23 - Jun 4, 2015
Led by Laura, Terry

Israel Study Tour with Todd Schenck

North Pointe Christian School

May 11-22, 2015
Led by Todd

Israel Study Tour - Campus Ministry @ GVSU

Campus Ministry at GVSU

May 2-16, 2015
Led by Stacie, Ben & Stacie Post

Israel In Depth - Rocky Peak

The Church at Rocky Peak

Apr 26 - May 7, 2015
Led by Michael Yearley

Israel In Depth - Real Life Church

Real Life Church

Apr 21 - May 1, 2015
Led by Brennan

Israel Study Tour - Joshua Wilderness Institute

Joshua Wilderness Institute

Apr 10-22, 2015
Led by Rich Ferreira

Israel Study Tour - Scott Heare

Riverside Community Church

Mar 19 - Apr 2, 2015
Led by Scott

Israel Study Tour - The Forge (Pine Cove)

Pine Cove

Mar 15-27, 2015
Led by Matt Lantz

The Friends of Israel

The Friends of Israel

Mar 13-23, 2015
Led by Jim Showers

Adult Volunteer Service Trip - Hesed

The Friends of Israel

Feb 26 - Mar 15, 2015
Led by Bruce

Israel Study Tour - Chris Brown

North Coast Church

Jan 20-29, 2015
Led by Chris Brown

Israel Familiarization Trip

GTI Tours

Jan 7-17, 2015
Led by Rich Ferreira

Israel Study Tour - Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University

Jan 3-14, 2015
Led by Jonathan

Israel In Depth - Dr. Lewis

The Bible Seminary

Jan 3-16, 2015
Led by Lynn Lewis

GTI Tours Family Trip

GTI Tours

Nov 21-30, 2014
Led by George

Israel/Jordan with Brandon Hammonds

Ancient Paths Adventures

Nov 3-15, 2014
Led by Brandon

Israel Study Tour - Living Oaks Church

Living Oaks Church

Oct 17-29, 2014
Led by Rich Ferreira, Doug Posey

Israel Study Tour - The Church At Rocky Peak (Sep)

The Church at Rocky Peak

Sep 8-19, 2014
Led by Michael Yearley

Israel Study Tour - Rod VanSolkema

Jun 22 - Jul 4, 2014
Led by rod

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