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Is it possible to be homesick for a place you have never lived? Many people who have been to Israel would say that it is. Listen to a former participant describe how our Israel experiences weave together pieces of our spirit, mind, and heart. These invisible threads not only connect us to the Land but leave us ever longing for it and the Messiah who called it Home.

Israel Study Tour

Legacy Milestones

Jun 4-15, 2023
Led by Brian Haynes

Arbel Ministries

Jun 19-30, 2023
Led by Mark Whitehead

GTI Tours

Sep 2-14, 2023
Led by Randy

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Riverview Church

May 14-25, 2023
Led by Mark

Harbor Churches

May 1-12, 2023
Led by Jeremy, Tim Wilson

Experience Israel Now

Experience Israel Now

Apr 30 - May 11, 2023
Led by Andy

Faith Chapel Billings

Apr 24 - May 5, 2023
Led by Steve Poetzl

Hope Fellowship

Mar 22 - Apr 2, 2023
Led by Launa Vaughn

Footsteps of Moses

GTI Tours

Mar 16-28, 2023
Led by Dr. Jonathan & Jennifer Greer

Covenant Life Church

Mar 13-23, 2023
Led by Marshall, Bob DeVries

The Church at Rocky Peak

Mar 12-23, 2023
Led by Michael Yearley

Frisco Bible Church

Mar 12-24, 2023
Led by Jared, Wayne Braudrick

Trinity Fellowship Church

Mar 6-17, 2023
Led by Gerhard (Gary) deBock, Patrick Shea

The Forge

Feb 26 - Mar 10, 2023
Led by Jared

Chino Valley Community Church

Feb 20 - Mar 3, 2023
Led by Jeff Carter

Oaks Christian School

Feb 15-24, 2023
Led by Jade

Crossings Community Church

Feb 12-25, 2023
Led by Terry & Laura Feix

Hill Country Community Church

Feb 6-17, 2023
Led by Al Hester

Northpointe Community Church

Jan 30 - Feb 10, 2023
Led by Shane Ham

GTI Tours

Jan 9-20, 2023
Led by Rich Ferreira

Wheaton Academy

Jan 7-17, 2023
Led by Marshall

Sun Grove Church

Dec 11-22, 2022
Led by Heather Flaig

Holy Land Study Tour with Dexter United Methodist Church

Huron River Methodist Church

Dec 5-16, 2022
Led by Tim Broyles, Dr. Matt Hook

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