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Is it possible to be homesick for a place you have never lived? Many people who have been to Israel would say that it is. Listen to a former participant describe how our Israel experiences weave together pieces of our spirit, mind, and heart. These invisible threads not only connect us to the Land but leave us ever longing for it and the Messiah who called it Home.

Sunrise Community Church

Feb 17-28, 2024
Led by Luke Miller


Egypt/Jordan Signature Tour

Feb 28 - Mar 11, 2024
Led by Rich Liverance, Jerrell Jobe

The Forge

Mar 10-21, 2024
Led by Jared Schuler


Israel Signature Study Tour

Jun 29 - Jul 9, 2024
Led by Jerrell Jobe

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GTI Family Turkey Study Tour

Nov 17-26, 2023
Led by Dr Craig Hill

Parkway Hills Baptist Church

Oct 30 - Nov 10, 2023
Led by Josh Allen


Turkey Signature Study Tour

Sep 11-22, 2023
Led by Rich Ferreira, Rich Liverance

Connection Pointe Christian Church

Sep 4-15, 2023
Led by Craig Knisley


Homesick For Israel Signature Study Tour

Sep 3-14, 2023
Led by Rich Ferreira


Jordan / Israel Signature Study Tour

Sep 2-14, 2023
Led by Randy Alonso, joey webb

Jul 30 - Aug 11, 2023
Led by Matt Lantz

Ada Bible Church

Jul 24 - Aug 4, 2023
Led by Brad Holmes

North Coast Church

Jul 17-28, 2023
Led by Kip Strawbridge, Paul Savona

Crossroads Impact Ministries

Jul 10-21, 2023
Led by Ralph Howe III

Calvary Chapel Big Bear

Jun 18-29, 2023
Led by Nevaeh Burton, joey webb

Legacy Milestones

Jun 4-15, 2023
Led by Brian Haynes

Riverview Church

May 14-25, 2023
Led by Mark Brett

Harbor Churches

May 1-12, 2023
Led by Jeremy Kreuze, Tim Wilson

Faith Chapel Billings

Apr 24 - May 5, 2023
Led by Steve Poetzl

Hope Fellowship

Mar 22 - Apr 2, 2023
Led by Launa Vaughn

Footsteps of Moses

Mar 16-28, 2023
Led by Dr. Jonathan & Jennifer Greer

Covenant Life Church

Mar 13-23, 2023
Led by Marshall Holtvluwer, Bob DeVries

The Church at Rocky Peak

Mar 12-23, 2023
Led by Michael Yearley

Frisco Bible Church

Mar 12-24, 2023
Led by Jared Coe, Wayne Braudrick