Israel Study Tour with North Coast Church

Nov 17-28, 2019

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Our Last Day

posted on Friday Nov 29 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

We drove passed Hebrew University on our way to the Mount. of Olives for our first teaching of the day from Ronen before we walked down hill to Gethsemane singing songs of Hosanna. Chris taught at Gethsemane and we all shared communion. We walked further down the mount to the bus and headed to the...

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Straight to the point

posted on Thursday Nov 28 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

After walking through the Lions Gate, we went to the right to the Pool of Bethesda, where in the first century, invalids and needy were left. Most likely they benefited from the charity of those going to or from the Temple. But one day Jesus came and saw a crippled man and asked if he wanted to be well....

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The City of David

posted on Wednesday Nov 27 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

  We began the day at the City of David. This is an ancient site that they’re actively excavating. This city became the capital of the unified tribes of Israel under King David. It’s not the highest mountain, so it’s difficult to defend. (Mt. Moriah is a taller mountain.) We...

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Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

posted on Tuesday Nov 26 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

Today we made our way to Temple Mount and learned some history of the area on our way there. Jerusalem is sitting on top of Mt. Moriah, which is situated between two valleys: Hinnom Valley which is South and West and Kidron Valley to the North and East. Hinnom Valley was under Cannonite and Jezubite...

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Ancient Cities

posted on Monday Nov 25 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

There’s no way we could have squeezed one more location into our excursion today! Right after breakfast we loaded our suitcases and selves onto the bus and headed to learn about the final battle between the Israelites under King Saul and the Philistine army. The majority of the group headed out...

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posted on Sunday Nov 24 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

We started our day by visiting the ruins of Chorazin. This is a 1st Century “Insula” that has been excavated in an area in the Northwestern area of Israel, just above the Sea of Galilee. This is an area filled with basalt rocks (volcanic rocks) that the people used to build their home, next...

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What it would have been like

posted on Saturday Nov 23 2019 at 12:30 am UTC

We started our day at Katzrin, at a park designed around reenacting a first century AD village.  We donned gowns and headdresses in order to fully immerse ourselves into the experience. Our guide took us into the village to show us how ancient people prepared their food and built their homes. We...

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Desert and Water

posted on Friday Nov 22 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

The highlight of my day, today, was getting baptized in the “Middle Jordan” or also known as Sea of Galilee! But, it came at the end of a really amazing day of connecting the various locations of the Bible to their verses in the Bible. We went to En Gedi, where we walked through hills...

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posted on Wednesday Nov 20 2019 at 12:00 pm UTC

The trip to Masada was so rich in history. And the camel ride was a blast! We loved how our guide Ronan tied everything we are learning back to scripture. It was a great day!   [topic name="masada"]...

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The Promised Land

posted on Wednesday Nov 20 2019 at 1:00 am UTC

We started our day outside at a memorial at Kiriath-Jearim which is the location near the battlefield between the Israelites and Philistines as described in 1 Samuel 4! We could see and get a feel for the lay of the land. It’s so hilly and a very rough terrain. We learned about the Promised...

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We have arrived!

posted on Monday Nov 18 2019 at 10:00 pm UTC

We had a pretty boring flight from LAX to Istanbul, but the connecting flight to Tel Aviv was already boarding before we exited the plane! A “mad dash” of 50+ people and the willingness to hold the plane for our group allowed us to all board and reach Israel safely. We gathered together...

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Time to depart

posted on Sunday Nov 17 2019 at 8:00 pm UTC

We’re awaiting the airplane that will transport us to a new time and place. Meeting new friends and seeing old ones makes the time pass quickly. Hard to believe it’s already 3:00 AM in Israel and 5:00 PM here in LA! The flight will give us time to pause and reflect on the opportunity that...

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Preparing for Israel

posted on Saturday Nov 02 2019 at 12:32 am UTC

Our trip will be here before you know it! Once we're on the ground we'll post periodic updates and photos. Check back often or get update notifications using the subscribe options on this page. We'll be sharing our travel experiences online with you, our friends and family, to not only bring you...

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