Israel Study Tour with North Coast Church

Nov 17-28, 2019

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Straight to the point

After walking through the Lions Gate, we went to the right to the Pool of Bethesda, where in the first century, invalids and needy were left. Most likely they benefited from the charity of those going to or from the Temple. But one day Jesus came and saw a crippled man and asked if he wanted to be well. A blunt question that went straight to the point. The man wanted healing and Jesus made him well and had him stand up and pick up his mat. But instead of rejoicing with a man who can now walk and participate in the Temple practices, he was met with the legalism of the religious leaders. The challenge this leaves us with is how to hold on to Gods law while doubling up on the love of God.

—Wendy P.

We visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre also referred to as the resurrection church. Though the actual location of the tomb of Jesus Christ is unknown this location seems to be one of the most likely. Today a church has been built on top of the site encompassing a cave like tomb and the site of crucifixion.

We learned that Jewish tradition requires that bodies be buried the day the person dies, therefore transporting the body to the burial site requires that the distance be as short as possible.

In this instance what is believed to be the site of Golgotha was also within this church. A life size replica of Jesus on the cross stands in this location.

As you walk from the hill known as Golgotha, which is upstairs in the church, you pass by a large preparation stone where bodies were laid to prepare for burial. Nails would be removed and blood washed away, while the body would be wrapped in linen with spices and herbs.

Excavation windowed panels showed work being done below the church to authenticate the activities that happened here in the first century.

—Krista E.

We visited the Church of Saint Anne, built in the 12th century, believed to be the birth site of the Virgin Mary. It is located in the Muslim quarter in old Jerusalem, near the beginning of the Via Dolorosa. It was built in the Crusader period with thick stone walls, great for acoustics. 

We all sang choir style, with chutzpah “We Love You Lord”, “Alleluia” and “Amazing Grace”. It was glorious, our voices echoing in the air. 

—Brenda B.

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