Israel Study Tour with North Coast Church

November 17-28, 2019

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Our Last Day

We drove passed Hebrew University on our way to the Mount. of Olives for our first teaching of the day from Ronen before we walked down hill to Gethsemane singing songs of Hosanna.

Chris taught at Gethsemane and we all shared communion. We walked further down the mount to the bus and headed to the Museum of Israel to see the model of Jerusalem and Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.

Next, we enjoyed lunch at a park in our family groups (Jerusalem Bagels and an assortment of cheeses and oils).

After lunch, we headed back to old Jerusalem and entered through the Lion's Gate to visit St. Anne's Church where Ronen led us in 2 songs, "I Iove you, Lord" and "Amazing Grace", to appreciate the acoustics of the building.

We sat next to the pool of Betheseda (house of grace and mercy) as Chris taught and the sun began to set. Then, Ronen led us up Via Delarosa and discussed the Stations of the Cross. When we reached the Church of the Holy Sepulchre we reverently explored before our Farewell dinner.

North Coast Church has taught me to apply biblical teaching to my life but, Ronen, our tour guide in Israel, has taught me how to apply Jewish culture and history to my study of the Bible.

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