Study Tour Wrap Up

July 1, 2014

Now that we’ve returned from our study tour you’ll hopefully be able to talk to one of us in person about what we saw, heard, learned, and experienced! Below is a wrap…

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Lasts and Firsts

June 30, 2014

Today was a day of lasts… It was the last time we woke up bright and early to start a day of adventuring, not touring, adventuring.  It was the last…

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The Temple Mount

June 29, 2014

Shalom y’all! Kaitlyn here. It’s been another busy day here in Israel. Our first full day in Jerusalem began at the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is under Palestinian control,…

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Mountain, sea, and city

June 28, 2014

Today we said goodbye to the Galilee and turned our face to Jerusalem, which is where I find myself writing this now, but I will get to that. We left…

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Memory not just history

June 27, 2014

As we continue our journey, moving out of the desert into the “city” life, we are coming closer and closer as a community. And what better way to represent a…

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Passion, strength and faithfulness

June 26, 2014

Our first stop of the day was Gamla. Where Rabbi Scott opened our eyes to how the way of thinking of the zealots who lived there. It is believed that up to 10,000 people occupied this hillside. They were people of obedience that lived life with passion, strength and faithfulness. Due to their strength to stand for what they believed they were targeted by the Romans as a people to destroy completely. In remembering the zealots they were people who were obedient even when their prayers were not answered or not answered the way they wanted.

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Kingdom Living

June 25, 2014

Shalom from Jim and Janet Reever,. We are on day seven of our GTI adventure with Scott Heare.  We hiked and climbed the Orthodox Triangle on the north end of…

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A day we will never forget

June 24, 2014

Today was a special day.  In fact, for some of our group this was one of the most special, precious, days of their lives, and for the rest of us…

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A Conscious Effort

June 23, 2014

Hiii from your friends and family in Israel! We have just completed day five and it was wonderful as always. Today was more of a transitional day, which means we…

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Qumran and Ein Gedi

June 22, 2014

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – Brothers and Sisters – Family and Friends, Carl and Vickie from San Antonio here. This was another great day in Israel. First and foremost,…

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The Good and Beautiful

June 21, 2014

Greetings city dwelling individuals! It is I Samuel Louis Hilgendorf on my 18th Birthday sending salutations from deep in the dessert of Israel. Do not ask how I have invented…

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Worse than death

June 20, 2014

…. After a good night’s rest, the wakeup call comes. A call to accept the challenges that today will bring. A call to put yourself back in that place long…

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June 19, 2014

The first day was a full day on many levels. We adventured to 6 sites today including Gezer, Beth Shemesh, and the Valley of Elah where the shepherd boy David…

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We Made It!

June 18, 2014

We made it to Israel!! It was a very long and intense day and a half of traveling but we have arrived tired yet very excited. The theme of our…

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Preparing for Israel

June 6, 2014

Our trip to Israel will be here before you know it! Once we’re on the ground in Israel, we’ll post updates, photos, and more about once a day. Check back…

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