Turkey & Greece

Apr 26 - May 7, 2019

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In the Lycus Valley

Today was another amazingly beautiful day here in the Lycus Valley. We began with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight over the stunning White Cascades in Pamakkule, with views of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis. It was truly a bird’s eye view of this entire valley; giving an incredibly unique airborne perspective of the places we visited today.

A short time later, we were able to dip our feet in the warm pools at the top of the White Cascades and experience them from ground level, before moving across the valley to the City of Laodicea. After touring the extensive ruins (which were fascinating) we were able to listen to Dr Craig Hill’s teaching from Revelation Chapter 3 regarding the Church of Laodicea and Jesus’ admonition of it’s spiritual lukewarm condition. This analogy was made even more meaningful by Laodicea’s geographic position between Colossae and Hierapolis. Colossae was known for its cold, pure mountain water; while Hierapolis was famous for its healing hot springs. So the analogy that Laodicea was neither hot nor cold, and had stabilized into a position of moderate mediocrity was made crystal clear. Being here, seeing these Biblical places, and experiencing their unique qualities brings the Word of God to life in new, paradigm-shifting ways!

We also had another delicious lunch in the nearby town of Dinizli. The Walnut Kebab was a foodie highlight. After which we travelled to the mountain village of Babadağ, where we were able to experience the Turkish hospitality of Mehmet the Weaver. He demonstrated his artistry on his handmade loom, showing us how he makes his beautiful blankets — displaying skills which are rapidly disappearing in our modern mechanized world. All the while, he and his family welcomed us into his home and served us all Turkish Delight. We all left with handmade blankets and an appreciation for traditional skilled craftsmanship and hospitality. This country and its people are forever written on our hearts.

Written by Scott and Christine Curtis

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