Turkey & Greece

Apr 26 - May 7, 2019

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As we departed the Lycus Valley and pass the sign for Colossae (home of the Colossians), Craig starts to share about written words in ancient times. Letters were hand-delivered and the person who delivered these was exceedingly important, especially their character and the stories they brought with them. How do people describe my character? Could I be described as Colossians 4 states: a faithful and a beloved ‘brother’? We’ve heard over the last few days the importance of the ancient ‘brother’ relationship. When Paul calls a person his ‘brother’ this means that the relationship is of the utmost importance – an elevation of status.

What ‘brother’ do I know, and need to tell, that they are remembered for their faithfulness of character? Revelation 3 states that the faithful will be tattooed and that this writing will include the name of God, the new Jerusalem, and a new name. But we have the responsibility to stay whole, pure and faithful. We stood at the gorgeous ruins of the Sardis synagogue, the largest of the Diaspora, and know that these ancients asked the very same question. It is our duty and moral imperative to “remember”. Remember where you’ve come from, who you want to be and the ‘brothers’ you walk with you now… we are linked to these people in so many ways!

It was a day of true beauty; the landscape was full of green vineyards and the ruins were glorious: the steepest theater excavated and arched temple foundations you rarely see underneath the beautiful Temple of Trajan! We can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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