BEMA Discipleship

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2022

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Day 10 - Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Southern Steps, Western Wall

As the result of a slight mishap with our bus, we found ourselves with an extended time at the Sea of Galilee in lawn chairs overlooking the water, which no one was particularly disappointed with. If there was a spiritual lesson in this, perhaps it was that, like Jesus, we cannot stay at the quiet sea, but eventually must go on to Jerusalem to die to ourselves, for to lose is to gain in the Kingdom of God (Matthew 16:26–26).

Despite the delay, we were able to see much in the Old City of Jerusalem, following the path of the Triumphal Entry, experiencing the Jewish Quarter and Western Wall, as well as hearing the thoughts of a remarkable Orthodox Jew. It is a rich, busy, and joyful place, filled with children playing, young people singing, a bar mitzvah procession, young and old praying, and girls proudly waving Israel’s flag.

Although it is amazing to consider that we have walked where Jesus did, perhaps it is more amazing still that being in today’s Jerusalem is not as different from what He stepped into than we might think.


photo and write-up by Christine

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