BEMA Discipleship

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2022

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Day 11 - Jerusalem 

Today is the conclusion of our study trip in historical, beautiful Israel. I’ve learned so much during this time about the Bible and the culture of Israel. I’ve met amazing people whom I look forward to building even greater relationships with in the future. I have been challenged to look at myself and ask the hard questions.


As I think of our group, BEMA LoCo 2022, I’m blessed that these souls were on this journey with me. I look forward to embracing the daily challenge: “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” I see a greater need to “hagah” (consume) the Text. I’ve learned that my times in the desert were not a punishment from God, but an opportunity for training. The good I will do in my life may be for those I will never meet. I will start planting those trees now. We learned about the tension between Chaos and Shalom. We have learned that we are called to clear paths, to become a path, and to live a life that directs all people to God.


We see that this is a tale of two kingdoms: Empire and Shalom. So my prayer is that we get out of boat, consume the Text, change ourselves, build community, and change the world.


Come on, BEMA LoCo 2022!


by Lloyd

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