BEMA Discipleship

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2022

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Day 08 - Gamla, Ein Keshatot, Katzrin, Susita

What a beautiful day in a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Physically, today was a lighter day. We did minimal walking, but what we saw, learned, and experienced was difficult to fathom in its magnitude, even in processing it now.

In Gamla, we learned about the passion of the zealots. In Katzrin, we were given a tangible experience to better understand the story of the paralyzed man Jesus healed.

We were also able to tour a factory for olive oil production and witness the passion of a family for processing and producing a truly pure form of olive oil.

We ended the day by sitting at the bottom of the Susita mountain where Jesus cast demons out of a man and off of the edge of the very cliff we were sitting on. The magnitude of this story is often lost on us, but this experience and the lesson on this story changed the way I will read this story in Mark. I think we all left that cliff thinking a little differently, and what a gift that is.




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