Study Tour Wrapup

October 23, 2015

Now that we’ve returned from our study tour you’ll hopefully be able to talk to one of us in person about what we saw, heard, learned, and experienced!

Below is a wrap up video that serves as a nice summary of the trip and a reminder of all that we did.

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Grand Finale

October 22, 2015

Today we entered Jerusalem through the Lions Gate on the northeast and made our way up to St. Anne Cathedral and sung I Love You, Lord and the Doxology that echoed beautifully off the 3rd century church. Afterward we went to a garden area just adjacent to the Pool of Bethesda. We opened up the Word to John 5:2 and read about the healing of the paralytic. It was amazing to read this miracle next to the ancient ruins where it occurred. The paralytic was waiting for the waters to stir and be healed-but Jesus healed him on the spot with only words. Get up and take your mat. Jeremy taught how the religious leaders of the time were upset about the miracle and that the man had carried his mat on the Sabbath. We need to focus on big picture that Jesus is King versus the minor details.

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Contrast and tension

October 21, 2015

Jerusalem is a city of contrasts and tensions — old (some very old) vs. new (modern); peoples and cultures that have occupied and staked claims to the same land; the multiple religions and cultures that not always peacefully co-exist in the city today. We started the day at the Ramat Rachel Hotel in a part of the city where those animosities have flared into warfare several times in the recent past.

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To wail or not to wail

October 20, 2015

Our first day in Jerusalem started with a visit to the Western (wailing) Wall in old Jerusalem. We each had an opportunity to go, pray and touch the wall—what an awe inspiring time.

We then walked down into tunnels which run underneath the western wall—the tunnels were 30 ft. above the lowest level of the temple, with 70 ft. above us. These tunnels were under Muslim homes. There is still excavation in progress.

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East to West

October 19, 2015

We are saddened as we take leave of Kibbutz Ein Gev, our home for the last four days on the Sea of Galilee. We were continually reminded by the thought that “Jesus was here!”. It is a comfort to know that Jesus lives in each of us.

Our trip to Nazareth was slowed due to an accident on the journey. “Ronen, our famous tour guide” used the time to teach us about the meaning of names. One of them is the difference between Yeshua and Joshua.

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October 18, 2015

18 October 2015, a day like any other, until we boarded the wooden Jesus ship and took over, voices raised in song as the stars and stripes were raised at the masthead. With both Mt. Arbel and Bet Ronen in our sights, we paused for some photographs and a few contemplative moments, with the sites of most of the miracles of Jesus just off to our right. We then demonstrated our mastery of both Hebrew and dance (with a brief detour through New Orleans), to the great envy of the Polish tourists on shore, with video to prove it.

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Shabot Shalom!

October 17, 2015

Our Shabot started with our shabot dinner after sundown last evening. We sat as small families, sang some hymns, broke bread, and thanked God for His blessings.

In the morning, we truly walked… Where Jesus Walked. For three years Jesus centered His ministry in the area of Capernaum, where Peter lived. We sat in the synagogue of Chorazin. God calls us to repentence and to act on it, not just be comfortable in being saved. The majority of His miracles are recorded in this area. He healed the sick, cast out demons, taught in the synagogue, stood on the bema (raised spot in Tabernacle) and read Isaiah, saying in the Jewish way, I am the Messiah. Everything to give evidence that He worked through the power of His Father in Heaven.

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Community and the Church

October 16, 2015

Here we are on day four of our study tour. We are learning so much every day that my mind is filled to overflowing. We started from below sea level…

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Kings Highway

October 15, 2015

It is only day three, but we have already seen so much! Today we had the opportunity to see three special sites along the Kings Highway, which runs north/south along…

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Salt of the earth

October 14, 2015

Today we find ourselves in the wilderness. I know, I know, buffet breakfasts and touring in an air conditioned bus aren’t wilderness type conditions but we are easing into this…

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A wealth of understanding

October 13, 2015

A great start to our adventures here in Israel. So much to see, so much to learn. Reading the Word of God in the actual surroundings has given me a…

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We have arrived!

October 12, 2015

We made it safely and are excited for our first day. The team is doing great!

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Preparing for Israel

January 27, 2015

Our trip to Israel will be here before you know it! Once we’re on the ground in Israel, we’ll post periodic updates and photos. Check back often or get update…

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