Israel Study Tour with Grace Central Coast

October 11-23, 2015

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A wealth of understanding

A great start to our adventures here in Israel. So much to see, so much to learn. Reading the Word of God in the actual surroundings has given me a deeper understanding and fuller meaning I’ve never had before. Today took us to Kiriath Jearim, Bet Shemesh, Azekah, Valley of Elah, and Bet Gurvin, Maresha.

The highlight for me was the story of David and Goliath read in it’s original setting. David’s “huzpah” at such a young age, and his trust in God in such dire circumstances remind me our God is Big. In our daily battles our successes are all about God in us. Also the underground city of Maresha was amazing to me. We also went to the Bell Caves in Bet Guvrin as well and sang “Great is Th Faithfulness” and then as were leaving a Jewish wedding was about to begin in the caves as well. We all can’t wait for tomorrow and the wealth of understanding of God’s Word to gain as we continue our road trip through Israel.

-Judi Peet

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