Israel & Jordan

Aug 31 - Sep 12, 2019

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Crossing into Israel

Depending on what part of the country you’re from I imagine most of us don’t wake up in the desert. It is a very unique experience. Pleasant temperature with low humidity, clear skies, vast spaces, red sand, and amazing scenery as the sun rises. This was our morning at Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum. Add to that a camel ride across the desert and you are having one of those experiences that only happens in the land of the Bible.

After breakfast we started our journey to crossover into Israel. It’s an exciting ride. We arrived at Aquaba, Jordan where we crossed into Israel at its southern most point, Elat. It’s a special moment when you step foot into the land. It affects people differently but for many it’s a feeling of coming home to the place our faith was forged and God established His people, the Jewish Nation.

We headed north toward the Dead Sea and stopped at Timna. An ancient site going back to Egyptian times and the copper mines discovered there. A highlight was touring the replica of the Tabernacle built to scale in the desert where Moses and the children of Israel wandered those 40 years.

Then it was on to our evening at the Dead Sea and a chance to float in this famous place at the lowest point on earth, 1400 feet below sea level. Another unmatched experience is logged. The day ended with an wonderful buffet dinner. Don’t plan on losing weight when you come on this journey. We are grateful for what we are learning and the friends we are making. God is so good!

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