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Israel Study Tour with River City Christian

November 7-19, 2022

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Day 04 - Sat Nov 12

*We had a lot of inspiring moments reading scripture at the various locations we visited. We highly recommend coming back and watching all of the devotionals when you have the opportunity.*

Today was an early morning! There was a bike race around the Sea of Galilee, so we had to get on the road quickly!

To help wake us up, we traveled up to the Ronen Lookout. It was super windy and chilly! The border of Syria can be seen in the distance.

Our second stop was Caesarea Philippi. Jesus traveled to this location with his disciples (Matthew 16:13-20). Check out the devotional from Pastor Jesse for more about the Gate of Hades and Caesarea Philippi.

We traveled to Tel Dan to go on a hike. The Tel Dan is next to the Dan river, which provides an abundance of water to the people (water was usually a scarcity!). We walked around and looked at various temples and structures that were built, some dating back to 930 BC!

Chorazin was a Jewish village Jesus once visited (Matthew 11:20-24). It showed signs of Hellenization, or an adoption of Greek culture (in this case, the Jews adopted Greek culture). Check out the devotional from Pastor Jesse, which also includes a testimony from Brian.

We stopped by the Mt. of Beatitudes, the place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. Pastor Jesse shared another devotional with the group. We then hiked down to Tabgha, a holy place on the shore of Galilee.

Our last stop of the day was Capernaum! The place was full of people visiting from around the world! It was surreal to be in a place Jesus had lived for a large amount of time! Check out the short devotional from Pastor Jesse!

That wraps up our day! Off to bed now…

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