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Legacy Milestones

Sep 1-11, 2024
Led by Brian Haynes


Germany Signature Study Tour

Sep 11-19, 2024
Led by Dan van Voorhis


Turkey / Greece Signature Study Tour

Sep 15-25, 2024
Led by Jerrell Jobe

Experience Israel Now

Sep 16-27, 2024
Led by Andy Cook

Harbor Churches

Oct 7-18, 2024
Led by Brent Kladder, Wally Harrison

Anthem Community Church

Oct 21 - Nov 1, 2024
Led by Marty Williams

Bethel Bible Church

Oct 26 - Nov 8, 2024
Led by Eric Barton, Ross Strader

Keystone Community Church

Oct 27 - Nov 7, 2024
Led by Brady Nemmers

The Well Community Church

Nov 5-17, 2024
Led by Brad Bell

Crossroads Impact Ministries

Nov 8-18, 2024
Led by Ralph Howe III

Follow a Study Tour: Archive

First Christian Church Visalia, Las Vegas Church of the Nazarene

Oct 8-20, 2018
Led by Michael Messinger, Lynn Weaver

Living Oaks Church

Oct 1-13, 2018
Led by Doug Posey, Rich Ferreira

Treasure Coast Community Church

Aug 29 - Sep 9, 2018
Led by Gordon Mularski

Arbor Road Church

Aug 12-23, 2018
Led by Brent Eldridge, Dr. Mark Anderson, Rich Baker


GTI Signature Tours Presents:

Aug 2-17, 2018
Led by George DeJong

Parkway Hills Baptist Church

Jul 16-27, 2018
Led by Josh Allen

Ancient Paths Study Tours

Jun 22 - Jul 4, 2018
Led by rod vansolkema

North Coast Church

Jun 18-29, 2018
Led by Paul Savona, Rich Ferreira

Riverside Community Church

Jun 18 - Jul 2, 2018
Led by Scott Heare

Kerrville First United Methodist Church

Jun 6-16, 2018
Led by Brock Bomkamp, Dr. Rusty Freeman

Legacy Milestones

Jun 2-13, 2018
Led by Brian Haynes

Bethel University

May 20 - Jun 1, 2018
Led by Dr. David McCabe, Ronen Ben Moshe

Campus Ministry at GVSU

May 10-24, 2018
Led by Ben & Stacie Post

Bridgeway Christian Church

May 6-17, 2018
Led by Matt Bach

The Forge Guild

May 1-11, 2018
Led by Matt Lantz

Oakbrook Church, Faith Reformed Church

Apr 23 - May 3, 2018
Led by Troy Thomas, Marshall Holtvluwer

The Church at Rocky Peak

Apr 22 - May 3, 2018
Led by Michael Yearley

Allen Bible Church

Apr 18-28, 2018
Led by Rich Ferreira, Jim Allen

Joshua Wilderness Institute

Apr 8-20, 2018
Led by Bob Plouffe

The Forge

Mar 4-16, 2018
Led by Jared Schuler, Matt Lantz