Israel Study Tour with Northway Church

Jun 14-25, 2021

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Jesus Day

We have been waiting for this day! The entire Bible points to our Savior and today we got to see and experience where Jesus wept, where He carried the cross and where He was crucified and buried. We began at the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane where Shea shared the story of how Jesus prayed in the Garden with such fervor that He sweated blood. Jesus asked the Father for “this cup to pass from me, but not my will but yours.” Jesus was to bear the sins of the world and He was willing to be obedient to his Father. From there we walked through the Lions Gate of the Temple and had the amazing privilege of singing in Saint Anne’s Cathedral. Dana led us in “How Great Thou Art.” There wasn’t a dry eye as we worshiped the Lord together. After we headed to the Pool of Bethesda where Mike reminded us of the story where Jesus healed a lame man who had been looking for healing for 38 years. How amazing! Next we walked the path that Jesus would have walked to the cross. You wouldn’t believe how narrow some of the streets were. Humbling to think about our Savior on that journey. That path led us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is one of two sites thought to have been where Jesus would have been crucified and buried. It was a blessing to enjoy the church without many other people there. From there we walked the upper ramparts of the Temple over to the Garden tomb, the second place considered to be a site where Jesus could have been crucified and buried. It was a beautiful garden where we were able to enjoy communion together. Being in these holy sites was surreal. Jesus did what He said He would do and scripture was fulfilled! We were all thankful to grab a quick shower before we headed to a fabulous closing dinner where we tried to put into words all that we learned during our trip. How can you describe such a life changing experience?! We have much to process but for now we are thankful for all the Lord did and is doing and for the amazing friends who have become family (our own insula!). Now off to the airport! Dallas here we come! Back to reality!  

Allison Curran

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