Israel Study Tour with Northway Church

Jun 14-25, 2021

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Compromise, Healing, and Lament

Hello again from Jerusalem!  We had another full day ahead of us, and we were eager to dive in. We began today's journey located just south of the Temple Mount in the City of David.


City of David

First, we spent time getting acclimated to our surroundings.  From the top of the City of David we were able to get a great view of King David's home for many years. Additionally, we were able to see the Garden of Gethsemane and The Mount of Olives.  While there, we were reminded that in so many ways, David was a good king who had a heart for the Lord.  But, he also had many flaws we don't often think about or remember.  We were able to open the Scriptures to 2 Samuel 11.  There, we were again reminded that sin, disobedience, and compromise can lead to tragic consequences.  


Hezekiah's Tunnel

After being on top of the mountain, we traveled into the lower parts of the City of David to Hezekiah's Tunnel.  Built by King Hezekiah to withstand an enemy's attempt to cut off water to the city, we were able to navigate this impressive tunnel as a group!  When I say navigate, I mean we actually started at the upper end and literally walked through the tunnel to the other side.  It was extraordinary.  Afterwards, we spent time at the Pool of Siloam and opened the Bible to John 9.  It was another opportunity to learn about living water and how Jesus heals us and makes us clean through Him the greater Living Water.


Yad Veshem and Israel Museum

After lunch, we journeyed to the Israel Museum.  There we were able to look at a giant model of 1st century Jerusalem.  It was exciting for our group to view this model, but now after several days, the model took on a greater meaning because we had a deeper understanding of the history of the various sites.  We were then able to get an up-close look at the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The discovery of these artifacts and getting to see them in person was even more significant for our group after our time in Qumran.  We then ended our day at Yad Veshem: The World Holocaust Rememberance Center.  Many of us were filled with significant emotions as we spent a great deal of time learning, remembering, and lamenting this significant event in the history of our world.  Though this was not a Biblical site, each one of us has felt a deeper sense of love for the Jewish people because of this experience. 

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