Israel, Jordan Study Tour with Living Oaks Church

October 1-13, 2018

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Final Day Reflections

The last day of this incredible journey was filled following the steps that our Lord had taken in His last days. Our visit to the Mt. of Olives offered a breathtaking view of all Jerusalem. Pastor Doug’s teaching ended with us celebrating communion together, remembering that night He celebrated with His disciples. Then we visited Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before being betrayed and arrested.

We then made our way to the Israel Museum where we viewed a model of how 1st century Jerusalem looked. This model has changed over the years as new archeological discoveries have been made. The Shrine of the Book is also part of this museum where we were able to see some of the Dead Sea scrolls on exhibit. Truly remarkable!

Heading through the gates of the city, our next stop was at St. Anne’s Church where we sang “I Love You, Lord” in a perfect acoustic environment. Ronen also suggested “Amazing Grace” and it was wonderful to raise our voices together. Pastor Doug then taught another lesson at the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus healed the crippled man. This man that was healed made excuses, rather than testifying about the one Who healed him. This reminds us that we need to make disciples and not make excuses.

We then continued to follow the path known as the Via Dolorosa, “The Way of Sorrow.” This was the way Jesus walked from His trial all the way to the place of His crucifixion and burial. There were many pilgrims making this journey along with us. Unfortunately, there are also many shop keepers along the way, calling out to us to buy their wares. It was difficult to stay focused on our path which eventually led to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Our evening concluded in the old part of the city with a delicious dinner and a time of sharing some of the highlights of our trip. I was blessed to make this trip for a second time. New insights were gained, new friendships formed, and an even deeper appreciation of God’s Word acquired. Every believer needs to visit the Holy Land. You will never read the Bible the same way again. Thanks to Pastor Doug, Ronen and Rich for leading us and making this more than a tour, but rather a study tour that brought the Bible alive.

Thanks to those of you that followed us, as well. We hope we’ve inspired you to make a visit to Israel in the future, perhaps October 2020?

Clementine Jasinski

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