Israel Study Tour with Covenant Life Church

March 13-23, 2023

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Help support our friends in Israel in their time of need.

Day 00 - Arrival

There was a long line to check into the airport with Turkish Airlines, but once it got moving, it went quickly. After going through security, the group eagerly anticipated the departing flight that would be in three more hours. Good conversations and introductions were being made by all members of the group.  Drew so kindly walked around offering assorted chocolates to the group. The hospitality and Christlike friendliness filled the M18 Gate.

After boarding the flight from Chicago, the group enjoyed a welcoming crew for the 10-hour flight on Turkish Airlines. The flight was smooth with no issues apart from one person who was not a part of our group that seemed to experience motion sickness and a moment of low blood sugar. Lisa (a RN among us) leaped into helping the stranger on the plane. All was well.  

Barb DeVries greeted the group with Tootsie Roll Pops at our connecting flight in Istanbul. Was she helping with low sugar crashing or ten hour plane ride breath? Whatever the reason, not many could resist her offer. Bev was trying to get her steps in by walking in place, when suddenly she found herself talking to a lady who was headed to Jerusalem to run a marathon. To our surprise, it was still daylight as we boarded the second plane to Telaviv at 7pm. 

After landing, we found our way to the hotel where we will settle for the night. Many are excited to lay flat in a bed with their eyes sealed shut after the long day of thirteen plus hours of flying and almost 20 hours of plane and airport engagement. May the Lord bless our night of rest and may we feel His presence as we awaken for our first day in Israel.

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