Bridgeway Christian Church Presents:

Sep 8-19, 2017

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What a Gift!

What a gift... an invitation to Encounter Him in Israel beginning this coming Saturday. It seems He wants to to share His sentiments about the land where He was born, grew as a boy, turned into a teen, and became a man... to show me the streams, lakes, and fish that He loved... to let me see the skies, seas, hillside vineyards that stirred His heart... and to smell the air, savor the tastes, and hear the sounds of the culture that shaped His words and stories. I wonder what He wants me to feel. I wonder what He wants to say to me. I wonder how He wants to change me. Jesus, thanks for leading me to the paths You walked long ago to reveal Your love for me. Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to Encounter You.

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