BEMA Discipleship

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2022

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Day 02 - Qumran, Wadi Darga, En Gedi

Understanding Israel and the purpose of the promised land is understanding the geography and its symbolism. Today, we left the spring green and exchanged it for the austerity of the wilderness — dry, coarse desert. But the Lord uses the desert as a teacher, to engage us in trials that leave us with no option but to trust Him. Jesus himself devoted his short time to trials in this very wilderness. So as we stared at the bare land, we listened to Marty shout, “In the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord!” And we heard it echo back off the mountains.


We learn commitment, obedience, and trust when we lean on God in our own physical and spiritual wilderness. We learn that God alone is mayim chaim, “living water,” in the barren places. And what better way to learn of God’s living water than to later put our feet into the oasis of Ein Gedi. The gushing waterfall in the midst of a desert is surely enough to praise Him. But the treasure is in understanding the purpose of these symbols, and learning to trust and obey Him no matter where we are.


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