BEMA Discipleship

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2022

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Day 01 - Yad Hashmona, Tel Gezer, Bet Shemesh

Israel is not what I thought it would be, which is good because I had placed it in a box. The fullness of the land’s story cannot be contained, nor can it be ignored. The story is conceptually geographical and spiritual. In the visuals of the geography, we hear the story of God’s plan for His people. This plan is for His people to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. As priests, the people of God are to put God on display, help people navigate atonement, intercede on behalf of others, and distribute resources to those in need. As a group, we are wrestling with what this looks like for us, in our context, to be the “sh'phelah” and the “city gate” to those around us in a way that puts God on display. As a group, we have the opportunity to put this into practice from the start as we get to know one another and learn how to help one another be able to make this journey. We’re not taking this trip as individuals, but as a group.

Marty told us, “the story is being told so you can be different.” Are we different because of the story? There’s no doubt the story of the land will change our hearts, and open our ears, so we may see the Text as it was meant to be heard — and yes, that is exactly what we’re learning to do. Stay tuned, the story has only just begun!


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