Israel Study Tour

Mar 17-29, 2019

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Such a sought after place

We made it safely to Israel! Although we are quite tired - the travel portion of our trip went exceptionally well and everyone is feeling great! After flying through the night we landed in Tel Aviv around 8:30 am Israeli time. We immediately met up with our tour guide and bus driver and set out on our first day directly from the airport. Our tour guide informed us that we were going to be keeping things “light” today since they wanted us to rest so we are only going to go to one sight before having lunch and then to our hotel for some much needed rest. The site we visited was Gezer which laid the groundwork for our understanding of why it was such a sought after place to inhabit and control.

This area is referenced numerous times in scripture and plays an important role in controlling trade because of the location for the occupants to see whoever is traveling near by due to its heightened elevation. After visiting Gezer we went to eat lunch at a beautiful park and then from there headed to our hotel. Many of us took afternoon naps and then we finished the evening together with a buffet dinner. Please continue to cover our tour in prayer as we did have one mishap with a sprained ankle for one of our team members on our very first day. We are all very excited about getting a good night’s rest and then exploring tomorrow which we believe will entail the land where David and Goliath fought.

See you then!


Situated near the International Coastal Highway and guarding the primary route into the Israelite hill country, Gezer was one of the most strategic cities in the Canaanite and Israelite periods. Gezer is a prominent 33-acre site that overlooked the Aijalon Valley and the road leading through it to Jerusalem. The tel was identified as biblical Gezer in 1871 by C. Clermont-Ganneau who two years later found the first of many boundary stones inscribed with the city’s name.

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