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Aug 2-17, 2018

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A dazzling array of priceless treasure

After almost two days of transit to Istanbul and then to Cairo, we got to Le Meridien Hotel Pyramids and headed to bed to prepare for our adventures. In the morning, we convened after breakfast to discuss the importance of Egypt in ancient history and with respect to the story of the Hebrews.

Egypt’s only products were food; but they had food in abundance. The valley of the Nile River, which flooded and receded every year, was made up of such nutrient-rich, fertile soil, that Egypt was the bread basket to its neighbors throughout ancient history. Abundant food generated economy, economy generated wealth, and wealth generated a culture that was the powerful vanguard of technology, education, the arts, and religion.

We then visited the magnificent Cairo museum, where we saw treasures upon treasures from the Old and Middle Kingdoms of unified Egypt. There were too many to see in just one day. Our tour culminated in the exhibit of the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered intact and undisturbed in 1922. It was a dazzling array of priceless treasure, all centered around the stunning gold deathmask of the boy Pharaoh that with which we have all become familiar.

Tomorrow we arise early to head to Cairo’s most famous landmarks, the Pyramids!

Written by Susan Barton—Tyler, TX

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