HESED Service Tour

February 17 - March 6, 2016

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Help support our friends in Israel in their time of need.

You never know who is watching or listening

The other day it occurred to me that I need to be open, aware, and prepared each day. I never know who the Lord will have me encounter.

As I worked in the ER I became aware that I was being watched by the staff, but even more so by the patients and their families. How I did my work, my countenance, my interaction with others. I am communicating without words, serving as Yeshua did. I need to be open, willing to seize the opportunity when someone wants to talk. It starts with friendship, caring, and service. And it doesn't matter if I am in Israel, at home, at work, or at church, it is all the same field, ripe for the harvest.

Yesterday as we were cleaning in the casting room of the ER by ourselves, my teammate Diane asked me about my testimony. As I was telling her, she noticed that there were three men in the room next door, the connecting door was open, and they were listening to our conversation. I could see one gentleman right through the door, sitting. He kept looking over at us. We think they understood English. Why else would they sit quietly for so long?

Be open, aware, and prepared. You never know who is watching or listening.

His servant,
Debbie Zwerlein

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