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#76 - On the Jobe Training

| Episode Guest: Jerrell Jobe

GTI is growing... again! We've added another staff person, one whose voice you should recognize - Jerrell Jobe! Jerrell and his family recently have moved from south Texas to west Michigan. As "Director of Development", Jerrell will oversee our pre-trip and post-trip curriculum and lead Signature Tours, among other things. On this episode, he and Rich discuss how going to the Land is meant to further discipleship and point people back to the Word. Like bookends to your tour, our pre-trip and post-trip curriculums are designed to do just that! Check out our first lesson: Jerrell has been involved in full-time ministry for the past 25 years. His primary areas of focus have been spiritual formation and teaching. Jerrell has a BS in American Sign Language Interpreting, a MA in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, and is finishing a MA in Archaeology & Biblical History. Throughout his ministry, he has led over 100 trips, to more than 25 countries. For the past twelve years, Jerrell has been leading study tours to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and Greece. His passion is seeing life-changing spiritual formation transpire as travelers gain a greater understanding of the Story of Scripture in its original context, while engaging the ancient practice of pilgrimage. His on-site teaching is a rich mixture of archaeological discoveries, biblical history, practical application, story-telling and drama. In his free time, he enjoys reading, running, cycling, swimming, as well as helping to coach local high school wrestling teams. Jerrell and his wife Charissa have three children.

Jerell just returned from a study tour of Turkey and Greece. The most influential city in western Turkey (ancient Asia Minor or Annatolia) was Ephesus. A Roman writer once called Ephesus "Lumen Asiae: The Light of Asia". Ephesus, with a population of 300,000, was the chief commercial city of the province and the center of Artemis worship. Learn more here:

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