Israel Study Tour Preparation Course

Our desire at GTI is that you will not only experience the Holy Land but that your Bible would come alive in such a way that will transform how you read and study it forever. This is the core foundation of why we choose as a company to focus on Biblically based study tours that are all inclusive—we firmly believe the better prepared a participant is the more impactful their trip will be.

GTI Tours is pleased to offer this pre-trip course designed to prepare you for your study tour of the Holy Land. It is a "optional self-paced" course, meaning there are no due dates or obligation to participate. You will have as much time as you need to work through the materials but it is structured to be completed in the preceding 9-12 weeks before an Israel trip. It is your choice to progress at a pace based on your personal needs and preferences.

This course consists of video lessons that also include optional supplementary reading from The New Moody Atlas of the Bible as well as a number of articles for further study. Each video lesson explains key concepts and is the material that is utilized for the quiz sections. Quizzes have no grades and you can take them as many times as you desire.

It is up to your particular trip leader if and when you'll receive access to this course. Typically, leaders have their group begin the course about three months prior to departure.