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Biblical Study Tours

Our desire at GTI is that you will not only experience the Land but that your Bible would come alive in such a way that will transform how you read and study it forever. This is the core foundation of why we choose as a company to focus on biblically based study tours that are all inclusive—we firmly believe the better prepared a participant is the more impactful their trip will be.

**Not all tour leaders offer the GTI Pre-trip Course**

Course Overview

This newly updated course comprises six video lessons that dive into cultural backgrounds, geography, Hebrew language insights, and basic modern Hebrew phrases. In addition, lesson six, titled "For Deeper Study," suggests other supplementary resources to prepare you for your trip.

Course Philosophy

We believe that participants experience the Land more effectively when they have been well-prepared for the experience. Many have compared the experience to drinking from a fire hose. This course is designed to give everyone the foundation they need to retain the teaching they will receive, making their life-long studies of Scripture more effective. Whether you plan to visit shortly or dream of going in the coming years, this course provides a foundation by which your studies of the land and the Scriptures will forever be changed.

Course Goals

  • Understand the prominent geographical features and the regional characteristics of the Land you are visiting
  • Appreciate the importance of historical geography in understanding the message of the Bible
  • Understand the meaning behind some key Biblical Hebrew words
  • Learn the Hebrew prayer called the SH'MA
  • Learn basic modern Hebrew phrases
  • Grow in spiritual wisdom and faith through increased appreciation of God's Word
  • Get the most out of your trip

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Watch the first lesson video in our Pre-trip Course.

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