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#70 Ministry Investments — Interview with Sean Glore, Bear Mills

| Guests: Bear Mills, Sean Glore

Two guests join Rich today and recap the recent Israel Pastors' Familiarization Tour of January 2023. This is an annual GTI Tour offered at a discounted cost to accommodate pastors and Christian educators.

Sean Glore of the 222 Foundation was on the trip along with several seminary students. Based on 2 Timothy 2:2, the 222 Foundation seeks to bridge the gap between seminary education and successful long-term ministry to help leaders, who will make more leaders, thrive. What better way to invest in a ministry leader than to bring them to Israel? To learn more, go to

Bear Mills (not to be confused with Bear Grylls) was also on the trip and shares his experience. He is an author, speaker and podcaster (the Bear Mills podcast). His motto is "Nourishing HOPE in a world where hope is on the endangered species list" with a theme verse of Romans 15:13.

If you are a pastor or Christian educator and would like to join the 2024 Familiarization Tour, follow this link for more information: Study tours are a great option for your sabbatical, continuing education, or for helping you rediscover your passion for Scripture. On a GTI Study Tour you’re not a tourist—you’re a ministry investment.

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