Homesick for Israel

Returning to the Land and the Text!

Aug 28 - Sep 8, 2022

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A GTI Signature Tour

What to Expect

Is it possible to be homesick for a place you have never called home? Many people who have been to Israel would say that it is.

For the first time GTI Tours' history, we have hand-crafted a study tour designed specifically for those who have been to Israel before. This tour is created to give the Homesick a chance to return Home, to revisit the Land and to learn new Lessons from her, to bring new chapters of the Bible to Life!

Not only will this itinerary include new sites but also new experiences: getting your hands dirty on an archaeological dig, shopping at the Mahane Yehuda Market, taking in the vivid colors of the Baha'i Gardens. Spiritual moments will abound at significant cities such as Bethel, Shiloh, and Mount Gerizim and at a traditional Shabbat dinner. Get reacquainted with the Old City of Jerusalem and the quiet waves of the Sea of Galilee.

As important as a great itinerary is to a great tour, even more crucial is a great Israeli guide! And that is why the Homesick for Israel Tour has none other than the famous Ronen Ben Moshe as Guide! Ronen has been guiding in Israel since 1994 and has lead hundreds of tours throughout the land. He holds a master’s degree in Middle Eastern history from the Hebrew University as well as vast knowledge of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. On this tour, Ronen will be your encyclopedia, companion, servant, and friend.

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Led by Rich Ferreira

GTI Tours General Manager

After graduating with his Masters from Talbot Theological Seminary, Rich and his wife Becky began working full-time for Hume Ministries in 2001. Rich’s passions are discipleship and teaching God’s word in a way that brings it alive in today’s world. In his spare time, Rich enjoys leading Biblical Study Tours (50 trips and counting), motorcycle riding, snowboarding, and spending time with his wife, daughters Ellie and Carmel, and his two sons Jaron and Ronen. In 2016 Rich and his family moved from California to Michigan to join the GTI Tours staff full-time, where he serves as General Manager.

and Ronen Ben Moshe

Israeli Guide

Ronen Ben Moshe has been guiding in Israel since 1994 and has lead hundreds of tours throughout the land. He holds a master’s degree in Middle Eastern history from the Hebrew University as well as vast knowledge of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Once in Israel, Ronen will be your encyclopedia, companion, servant, guide, and friend. Take advantage of his knowledge and generosity as your own curiosity and desire for information inevitably kicks in!

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“GTI Tours has been serving, listening to, and learning from their network of leaders and ministries for years—which is why their study tours are exceptional!“

Dr. Mark Strauss
Bethel Seminary Professor

GTI Tours specializes in biblical study tours that bring the land and lessons of the Bible to life for churches, universities, ministries, and teams.


Sun Aug 28 • default

Los Angeles to Istanbul on Turkish Flight #10 departing 6:35pm
O'Hare to Istanbul on Turkish Flight #6 departing 9:30pm
Mon Aug 29 • default

Istanbul to Tel Aviv on Turkish Flight #864 departing 8:30pm

Dan Hotel
Tue Aug 30 • default

Hebron, Susya, Shepherds Field, Wood Carving Artist
Wed Aug 31 • default

Neot Kedumim, Beth Guvrin (Maresha), Archaeological Dig
Thu Sep 1 • default

Bethel, Shiloh, Mount Gerizim
Fri Sep 2 • default

Mount of Olives, Mt. Zion, Jewish Quarter, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mahane Yehuda Market, Shabbat of a Lifetime
Sat Sep 3 • default

Good Samaritan Inn, Kibbutz Almog, Tel Jericho
Sun Sep 4 • default

Baha'i Gardens, Acco, Rosh Hanikra
Mon Sep 5 • default

Katzrin (cultural experience), Ein Keshatot Synagogue, Magdala, Ancient Boat (Ginosar), Galilee Boat Ride
Tue Sep 6 • default

Hazor, Hula Valley, Safed, 3 Vines Winery
Wed Sep 7 • default

Beit She'arim, Sepphoris, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Farewell Dinner - Old Man and the Sea
Thu Sep 8 • default

Tel Aviv to Istanbul on Turkish Flight #865 departing 8:30am
Istanbul to Los Angeles on Turkish Flight #009 departing 1:50pm
Istanbul to O'Hare on Turkish Flight #5 departing 3:00pm

Flight Details

Sun, Aug 28 2022
Depart Los Angeles at 6:35pm
LAX to IST on tk10
Arrive Istanbul at 6:35pm
Duration: 14 hours 00 minutes
Sun, Aug 28 2022
Depart O'Hare at 9:30pm
ORD to IST on tk6
Arrive Istanbul at 4:45pm
Duration: 11 hours 15 minutes
Mon, Aug 29 2022
Depart Istanbul at 8:30pm
IST to TLV on tk864
Arrive Tel Aviv at 9:45pm
Duration: 01 hours 15 minutes
Thu, Sep 8 2022
Depart Tel Aviv at 8:30am
TLV to IST on tk865
Arrive Istanbul at 12:15pm
Duration: 03 hours 45 minutes
Thu, Sep 8 2022
Depart Istanbul at 1:50pm
IST to LAX on tk009
Arrive Los Angeles at 4:45pm
Duration: 12 hours 55 minutes
Thu, Sep 8 2022
Depart Istanbul at 3:00pm
IST to ORD on tk5
Arrive O'Hare at 5:55pm
Duration: 10 hours 55 minutes

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