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#64 Hidden Gems in Israel — Interview with Matt Bach

| Episode Guest: Matt Bach

Matt Bach from Bridgeway Christian Church in northern California returns as our podcast guest for this episode. Matt and Rich warm up by talking about their mutual love of coffee and theology. They then dish on some "hidden gems" in Israel - sites which hold powerful biblical significance but are often overlooked on tours. They describe the Herodian Quarter in Jerusalem, as well as the Caves of Adullam (King David), 3-Vines Winery, Herod Spring (Gideon), and Tel Arad (temple model). The fact that there are more than 22,000 archaeological sites in the land (a country of 8,550 square miles) proves that Israel is a trove of historical and spiritual treasures!

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Matt Bach the Pastor of Christian Development at Bridgeway Christian Church in Roseville, California. He is married with three children. He studied OT Theology in Briarcrest Bible College, holds a Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary and is in his PhD studies in Biblical Studies through Trinity College Bristol (partnered with Univ. of Aberdeen) in England. Matt also teaches The Hebrew Bible (OT Survey) at William Jessup University as an Adjunct Faculty. He has been leading tours to Israel with GTI since 2015.

Featured Site
Sadducee's House

The Burnt House is believed to have been set on fire during the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. According to Josephus, Jerusalem's Upper City was known for its wealth. It was located close to the Temple and inhabited by priestly families who served in the temple. The house was destroyed one month after the Temple and Lower City. When the Romans stormed the Upper City, they found little resistance: Much of the population was near death from disease and starvation.

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