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#59 Inexhaustible Israel — Interview with Casey Jordan

| Episode Guest: Casey Jordan

GTI Tours participant and Bible teacher Casey Jordan joins our podcast today. She describes her time on the Homesick for Israel Tour which went in August. Highlighting her favorite sites and experiences, Casey shares what they meant to her personally. No matter how many times she returns to Israel, she finds its inspiration inexhaustible! Visit for photos, links, and more from this episode.

Casey also teaches on Shiloh (pronounced SHEE-LOW in Hebrew), a biblical site where the Ark of God rested for over 300 years. Like Casey's teaching? Join her on her trip to Israel November 5-16, 2023 and check out her website!

Next year's Homesick for Israel Tour dates are September 3-15, 2023. View the itinerary and register here: If you'd like to read the blog to learn more about the trip, follow this link:

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The portable shrine that Moses built in the wilderness was stationed at Shiloh from the time of the Conquest until the city’s apparent destruction by the Philistines in 1104 BC. Psalm 78:60 (NIV) “He abandoned the tabernacle of Shiloh, the tent he had set up among men.”

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