Turkey Signature Tour

Sep 11-21, 2022

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Day 02 - Pisidian Antioch

We are ending another incredible day in Turkey! We spent most of the day in the ancient city Psidian Antioch. Today’s theme was restoring the gospel.


Here in this archeological site, we climbed to the highest point and found Augustus Caesar’s temple. We sat in the horse shoe shape surrounding it and contemplated how the gospel was distorted in Roman times. Octavian (or Augustus Caesar) was proclaimed the son of god (Julius Caesar). How does a random man from Nazareth compete with the almighty emperor of Rome? We found in Mark 15 many similarities between the traditions of Roman triumph and the ultimate triumph Christ had over death and sin. Paul and the early Christians were tasked with restoring the narrative of the gospel from the broken and self serving “evangelion” (good news) of Augustus to the others focused, Christ driven evangelion of God.


Here in Psidian Antioch is where Paul stood in the synagogue and preached, first to the Jews and then the Gentiles. We sat above the believed spot of the synagogue and read this short sermon Paul gives. Paul delivers a Jewish message in a Roman way. The same pattern of speech we still use today. Though many believed, the Jewish leaders chased Paul and Barnabus out of town, and they shook the dirt off their feet and left.


Psidian Antioch later became home to many Christians — so far SIX churches have been excavated. We wrapped up our time touring the city by picnicking with Turkish pizza (YUM)! We then drove 4 hours to Pomukale and have enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Many of us enjoyed massages, Turkish baths, and thermal pools. We are looking forward to being up, bright and early, for a sunrise hot air balloon ride! For now, we are getting ready for a good night’s sleep and fantastic day ahead! 

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