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Israel Study Tour with The Church at Rocky Peak

March 12-23, 2023

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Day 04 - Galilee:  Chorazin, Magdala, Mt. Arbel, Tabgha, Capernaum

By the time we got to the top of Mount Arbel, the day had grown warm and only a gentle breeze moved the carob tree leaves. And by the way, the panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee was simply stunning. But the day hadn’t started that way. When I ventured out of our Ein Gev kibbutz room in the predawn twilight, the wind was howling, tree branches were dancing wildly, and the waves at the lake were churning.  


When I came back in, a devotion I follow was addressing The Wind.  It turns out that in the original language, the word used for “wind” is the same one for “spirit”.  And as we went through the towns where Yeshua walked, Chorazin, Magdala, Capernaum, the word stayed with me…  


In the morning, it was difficult to walk against the powerful gusts of wind in my face.  But once I turned around, the wind on my back made it all easy.  Holy Spirit, so often I make my path so hard and difficult, as I walk against Your power and Your leadership!  And how wonderful life is, when I turn around, when I repent and surrender, and let You be The Wind on my sails, and take me where You want me to go, and become who You want me to be.  Please make it so, Spirit; make it so, according to Your will.    


Rich Weiler

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