Reformation Tour & Passion Play

May 27 - Jun 6, 2022

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Day 06 - Rottenburg & Nuremberg

Guten Abend,

So we end another fabulous day on this great journey of discovery that we are all on. I can’t imagine being on this journey with a better group of people. I knew not one of you before this trip and had a wee bit of trepidation being on my own since my hubby had both hips replaced recently and decided not to join me. Thank you for being so welcoming and loving. That’s what our faith is all about, Eh? See, my new Canadians friends are rubbing off on me. 

So today our trek wasn’t as Reformation-rich as the few days earlier, however it was a delightful day. 

I have been enjoying Pastor Erik’s Galatian readings. Today we focused on being Grateful for grace and we witnessed that all around us on this trip. 

So, I usually do an internal eye roll when I see people snapping pictures of anything and everything they see for the sake of capturing everything possible. Well this morning I was that picture snapping fool as we entered Rottenburg ob Der Tauber … What a beaut!  It was a beautiful little town just as I’ve seen it so many times in pictures. There could have been less cars and trucks but, hey. I totally understand why everyone wanted to spare this town from

Destruction as it represents all that is quintessentially German. It was worth it. Love the story of the 6 soldiers that Erik read to us this evening. 

Then we come to the Franconian town of Nuremberg where we had a little energizer bunny of a guide whisk us around town. She was adorable if you can understand or hear her. All I could make out was that they make lots of beer (of which I could not partake in tonight on account of writing this blog on my phone!). The other thing I could barely make out was something she said about bratwurst making.  Ot sure why that was all about.  Seriously, she loves her architecture and artwork especially Albert Durer. She lost me, though, when she whipped out his book of works from Her backpack. 

Oy vey. She’s passionate! 

Our take away from Nuremberg is that it accepted and led the way in teaching about the Protestant Reformation. 

Although it was the center of the German Renaissance, Nuremberg  is also kind of a sad place being known for the Nuremberg  rallies-huge Nazi propaganda events and the Nuremberg Trials. No one seems to want to talk about those. 

So we end the day with our usual recap discussion. Erik mentioned the difference between planes flying into the World Trade Center and the defense of the town of Rottenburg. 

They were two diametrically opposed purposes. One was done out of pure destruction and hatred of a people. One was done for the love and preservation of an area and it’s people. Interesting observation. 

It’s also interesting that he should bring that up as that was the turning point in my journey.  The moment those planes crashed into the twin towers is the moment I knew something was not right with the religion I grew up in.  I started questioning and learning more about Christianity and here I am now totally devoted to the Lord for He is the Way, the Truth, the Life!! Now I have to just find the courage to spread it. 

Fun fact: 

For those who want to be totally in the know, Beginning of trip to date:

We walked an average of 11,596 steps or 4.3 miles/day. (That would be a total of 69,577steps or 25.8 miles).  Bravo to you. Take THAT back to your personal trainers. 


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