Israel Study Tour with Oaks Christian School

Feb 13-22, 2019

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Western Wall & Yad Vashem

Western Wall:
The Western Wall is an ancient wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. The wall was originally erected as part of the expansion of the Second Jewish Temple by Herod the Great. It was so interesting to see this massive wall with its great historical story behind it. Everyone had so many questions to ask- my favorite being, “What are all the pieces of paper in the wall?” These pieces of paper are written prayers that people put in the wall because many believe there they are closest to God. This is because God inhabited the holy of holies many years ago just on the other side of the wall. Over a million notes are placed each year in what has become a tradition in the past couple hundred years. The notes are collected twice a year and buried on the nearby Mount of Olives. This was such an interesting visit and I am so glad we got to see it
-Amanda Akerly, OCS Senior

Yad Vashem:
The Holocaust Museum was such an eye opening experience. I didn’t know much about it going into today. I knew Jews were persecuted but the details were vague. For me it was a thing of the past until Ronen started telling us about what happened and how it is not over. Two days ago a Jewish cemetery was bombed in France. Two weeks ago people shot and killed in a synagogue. Today in the museum, we saw many videos from survivors and stories of people trying to protect Jews. This wasn’t hundreds of years ago this was when my grandparents were kids and right now. That is what has stuck with me all day.
-Hallie, OCS 8th Grader

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Pics 1-2: Welcome to Scythopolis, a Roman City about a days walk from Galilee. It is very likely that when Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son, he and his listeners would have had this particular city in mind as he tells the parable of the young son squandering his inheritance. . Pics 3-4: Ever wonder where the ancients took a #2? 😳 Well, they would sit between 2 stones in a row with others all going at the same time! 😂🤔😳 . Pics 5-6: An awesome view of the Jezreel valley from atop Mt. Carmel. Many many battles have been fought in this valley. It is a major cross road from the Med. Sea to the Jordan River, and is a fertile land where major crops can be grown. Whoever controls the valley, controls the land... it’s been fought over for thousands of years! . Pics 7-8: Har Megiddo, or more commonly known as, Armageddon! Located near the Jezreel Valley, it also is the place of many battles. If you control the top of this hill, you have strategic positioning in warfare. Today, Brooke and I just find it as a nice place to take a pic! 🤣 . Pics 9-10: Ceaserea Maritime, Herod’s palace near the Mediterranean Sea! This place is beautiful and was likely King Herod’s main residence. In the distance there is a hippodrome where they would hold chariot races... the King needed to be entertained! 😳 It is also the place where the Apostle Paul appealed to Caesar in the book of Acts. 🙏🏼 . . . #ocsisrael #ocsisrael19

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