Israel Study Tour with North Coast Church

Jun 18-29, 2019

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The Temple

Today, we walked beneath the city streets of resident Muslim homes located directly adjacent to the Temple Mount. In these tunnels and chasms, Israel is still busy unearthing evidence to support Old Testament scripture.

Despite the ever tightening restrictions, procedural intimidation and exclusion placed by Islam, people/pilgrims from the world over are unthwarted in their desire or efforts to visit the Temple Mount. We followed all the rules and passed security to enter the grounds and learn of its history.

Heralded as the place where Gods divine presence is manifested more than any other place, this is the place described in Genesis 22: 1-19 to be the location that Abraham’s faith was tested, proven and rewarded. Controversially, the Islamic shrine, Dome of the Rock, sits atop all this history.

We passed through the OPT (occupied Palestinian territory), the West Bank, to climb to Herodium. From this ancient man made vantage point, we could see from the Dead Sea, to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It became clear how some of the stories weave together.

Most impressively, we visited the Western Wall, the wailing wall. This wall is symbolic in its location nearest the holy of holies.

Through excited dinner conversation amongst North Coasters, we agreed that the energy at the wall was intense, uplifting, happy and hopeful.

I, personally, experienced an outburst of emotion. I wept when both hands were laid on the wall for the first time, I calmly read each of my prayers before stuffing them into the wall and cried again in prayer before leaving. Totally unexpected and fueling.

As our story continues to be written, Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and for all answers, yes or no. Thy will be done, not mine.

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