Israel Study Tour with North Coast Church

Jun 18-29, 2019

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Leaving Galilee

Good night Sea of Galilee, you have shown us much.

On our final full day, we explored Golan Heights, seated in the foothills east of Galilee. 26 microclimates producing grapes (yes, wine), cherries, elderberry, apples, peaches, pomegranate, olives, plums, palm (honey), figs, dates, bananas, wheat and farmers raised cattle, goats, etc. Abundant, life giving.

From an abandoned Israeli bunker atop Mt. Bentel, we see clearly by topography the Israel border on Syria and Lebanon. You can tell where Israel stops because they cultivate the land right up to their borders. Lush, fruitful.

Mount Bental

Mount Bental is one of Israel’s favourite mountain peaks to visit, partly due to the great panoramic views of the Golan and even Syria but also because Mount Bental was the site of a courageous battle fought during Israel’s war for the Golan. A short drive up, the mountain-top provides both scenic beauty and a glimpse back at the past – with bunkers open to visitors.

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Ronin courageously detailed an unfiltered, time line of historical and current political events illustrating the significance of the 6 Day War and the Jews return to Israel. So much understanding caved in on me. What I learned: We are all in this together. All.

Powerful bible story came to life at Caesarea Philippi. (Matthew 16: 13-28) We actually stood in this Ancient Roman city at the cave where the Greek god, Pan was sacrificed to and celebrated with debauchery; the very same place where Peter claims Jesus to be the Messiah and Jesus predicts his own death.

Caesarea Philippi

This abundant water supply has made the area very fertile and attractive for religious worship. Numerous temples were built at this city in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

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God can make greatness amidst brokenness.

In this story is Matthew 16:25 “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” The underlying theme of this trip has been shared stories of G.O.D. The Gift Of Desperation. That moment when we get in so much pain we realize no human power can help us. We breathe in and surrender. We use our free will to let God in and he immediately begins to change us from the inside out.

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