Ancient Paths - Austin group

March 11-23, 2022

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Day 06 - Coast: Mt. Carmel, Caesarea Maritima, Mt. Precipice, Tabgha

We began our day at Caesarea Maritima. This important coastal city was built by Herod the Great (20 to 8 BC). This was one of Herod’s many palaces and like all of his projects, it was a true architectural feat. Constructed of gleaming white marble, the city represented the power of Rome and was inspired by all things Greek. In addition to a palace, Herod constructed the four Greek staples: Theater, Stadium, Temples, and the Gymnasium. In the midst of this extravagance and celebration of the achievements of men, Jesus entered this world. As the Christian faith grew, many martyrs were killed in Caesarea. The Apostle Paul was imprisoned for two years there, likely a “guest” prisoner in the palace of Herod.


Today, we truly entered into the New Testament. Mt. Carmel was a trek that led us to grow together as a group, and have the chance to look over the Northern part of Israel where Elijah challenged the "Cult of Baal" stated in 1 Kings 17-18. Israel was crumbling, but I love how this story shows God’s power. It points to the resurrection and how it depicts the picture of Israel as a whole.


After Mt. Carmel, we travelled to the Sea of Galilee where we will study for the next 3 days. We reflected on our call as disciples at a spot where Jesus likely called the first disciples, who were all under 20 years old! Jesus primarily taught in this area. We will ask ourselves these critical questions over the next few days: Am I a true disciple of Jesus? Is my life parked behind Jesus? Discipleship is about becoming like the Rabbi and our Rabbi is Jesus Christ.


Our lodging is at a seaside Kibbutz where Shabbat is celebrated 24 hours from now.


by David & Titus Hall

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