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Ancient Paths - Austin group

March 11-23, 2022

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Day 04 - Negev Desert, Part 2

Today was our 4th day in Israel. We began in the city of Mitzpe Ramon which means “vista.” It is deep in the Negev desert, and high in the mountains. We then drove south through the Rift Valley which is 700 feet below sea level to a region 5 miles from Egypt. We hiked up one of the steepest mountains that is potentially Mount Sinai, or very close to Mt. Sinai.

As we began our hike, we learned about the Acacia tree. This tree has some of the hardest wood in this area and the deepest roots. It is the kind of tree Psalm 1 speaks of that streams of living water will flow from; it is not anxious in drought and does not cease to bear fruit. We were asked this question: from where are our roots growing?

We hiked up a difficult mountain path and were encouraged to see our group as our community as we uplifted the weak. We continued to journey through the desert much like one God brought the Israelites through. God brought the Israelites out of Egypt to the desert to show them that when they have nothing, they lack nothing with God's help. He provides just enough of what we need and meets us there with the rest. He wants us in the desert so we can clearly see His love for us and have a relationship with Him. Connecting to this, Moses is given the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai. Just like a husband and wife make vows, God gives us His laws to follow like vows in a marriage. The marriage is fruitful when both God and His people are faithful to these vows. Through this, we can then have a relationship with God that is a love that is deeper than marriage.

Corbin & Sophie Horton

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