Israel-in-Depth with Rod VanSolkema

Jun 28 - Jul 10, 2019

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We Have Arrived!

We are finally in Israel! All went very smoothly. Many of us started off from Crossroads and headed to Chicago. One of the biggest highlights on the bus ride was the fanfare over Exit 20 on 196. Bob and Marcia Volkers, who just traveled on a trip with Rod and Libby in March, made two huge signs that they waved as we drove by - one was a star of David and the other a big heart! We love you, Bob and Marcia!! The whole bus cheered

Second highlight was the beautiful rainbow that God showcased as we were getting off the bus at O'Hare. What a great way to start the journey!

In Chicago, we met up with several more people from Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas and Illinois. The 10 hour flight to Istanbul was super smooth and many of us got some great sleep!

In Istanbul, we arrived in their brand new airport that just opened in April. It feels more like a huge mall than an airport - it's gorgeous. We were thankful for a 45 minute delay so we could grab some food before heading off to Tel Aviv. We were joined by a couple from Maine in Istanbul.

Thankful for God's protection over the whole journey, thankful for all our luggage, and thankful to see Rod, Libby, Yigal, and Nadav - now our group is complete...time to rest up for a big (and HOT) day ahead of us tomorrow.

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