Israel Study Tour

Mar 17-29, 2019

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He is with us!

The song birds are singing, the air is cool and crisp and the Sea of Galilee awaits as we set forth on our day. As we begin on the boat that will take us across the Sea Pastor Mike reads Matthew 14, Jesus walking on the water and calling Peter out to Him, we are asked to have courage and step into the fear and trust that our God is with us wherever we are. Will we be the one who follows or the eleven that stay in the boat.

As our trip continued the powerful thought that God is with His people wherever they are, wherever they need Him permeated through the day.

Mt. Arbel

At the top of the cliff overlooking the city, overlooking the Sea we were reminded that Jesus in Matthew 4 knew where His people needed Him and He came. He is with us!

Mount Arbel

Mount Arbel (Hebrew: הר ארבל‎‎, Har Arbel) is a mountain in The Lower Galilee near Tiberias in Israel, with high cliffs, views of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights, trails to a cave-fortress, and ruins of an ancient synagogue. Mt. Arbel sits across from Mount Nitai; their cliffs were created as a result of the Jordan Rift Valley and the geological faults that produced the valleys.

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Mount of Beatitudes

The blessings given there we are still the recipients of when we walk with Jesus. The grounds are so lush and peaceful and the church, so reverent that one truly feels the spirit blessing them.

Mount of Beatitudes

The so-called “Sermon on the Mount” is recorded in Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6. The alleged discrepancy between Matthew’s version being on a hill and Luke’s being on a level place is easily reconciled with observation of many level places on the Galilean hillsides. Scripture gives no indication of the exact location of this event, but the Byzantines built a church to commemorate it at the bottom of the hill. Some of Napoleon’s men placed it on the nearby Arbel mountain.

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Pastor Mike leads us in learning that this city’s name means the city of healing, the city of reconciliation, the city of comfort. The parables that come from this place are what Sunday school lessons comes from and I am standing in the place where Jesus synagogue was. Standing in the places where He healed people and where the four friends were so desperate to have Jesus heal their friend that they dug through the roof to lower their friend down so that he, not themselves could be seen by Jesus. WOW! The stories I have heard and have taught are now more vibrant. They are now like watching a movie with colors for the very first time.


Jesus made Capernaum his home during the years of his ministry: “Leaving Nazareth he went and lived in Capernaum” (Matt 4:13).

Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen living in the village. Matthew the tax collector also dwelt here.

Capernaum is one of the three cities cursed by Jesus for its lack of faith.

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As the tour continues the wonderment and the awesomeness just continues to grow.

Your mind is challenged, your heart is filled and your soul is inspired to continue on the journey. I remember someone telling me once that a trip like this brings people together, they become an extension of your family. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and my family has grown.

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