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Mar 10-22, 2019

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I must speak about my savior

Ecclesiastes 5 cautions the righteous that as we approach God who dwells in heaven let us not be hasty in word or impulsive in thought and to let our words be few. I endeavor to be a man who should study, practice, and teach the law of the Lord but I ask for forgiveness on this particular occasion as I must speak about my savior.

Please, I beg you, brother or sister, before you continue to read, consecrate this time. Not because I will share with you a thought you had not known previously, or that my words are holy, but because Christ is holy and you are Christ's.

Our Father,
Who is God but YHWH?
Who is a rock but our God?
Lord, please, help our unbelief for we are but sinners
We thank You for Your blood, poured out for our redemption
We cast our burdens and our cares unto You, for You care for us
We ask from You, this day, our daily provision, for we are desperate
Guard us from error, lead us in the truth, and let Your Word bring life

It is a time of great celebration in Jerusalem, the people cry out the scripture from Isaiah 'you will joyously draw water from the springs of salvation!' as the water is carried up from the pool of Siloam to the temple. The trumpets sound forth the occasion to the entire city and the onlookers watch as the priests march around the altar pouring out the water offered in sacrifice as a symbol to ask for blessing and adequate rainfall on the crops. It is at this time that Jesus cries out to the people, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water'." John 7:37-38 NASB

An apt metaphor for a student of the scriptures which would harken the teachers of the Law back unto the prophet Ezekiel, specifically, Ezekiel 47. I have not the time to expound the entire passage and I also have not the willingness to fully explain it to you, for you must search these matters for yourself. I will, however, draw your attention to verse 9 the latter portion 'so everything will live where the river goes.' We shall reference this again at a later time.

Brothers and sisters, this living water, this river, from which we are offered a drink is Jesus Christ himself. I must ask you as you read this, do you recognize your thirst? Do you recognize the destitution of your current condition? Do you know that within you as you are apart from Christ, there only resides death? Do you recognize that you shall continue to drink and drink of worldly waters and never be satisfied? My brother or sister, are you thirsty?

If you are, then let me tell you of the living water. This Jesus, my Jesus.

This invitation to drink is offered to anyone who is thirsty. Christ is not exclusive in his invitation, He knows that we desire what will satisfy us and he also knows that He is the only object of our faith and devotion that can ultimately satisfy us unto eternity. Thus He offers this drink, this salvation, to all freely and unconditionally, but you must recognize that you are thirsty before you come and drink.

For those of you who have tasted and who have drunk of this living water and believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent to this world to save sinners, you are now alive. From their innermost being, now flows rivers of living water and everything will live wherever this river flows. There is life now where formerly there was death! Everywhere this river flows things will be made to come alive for this is how our Father has designed it from the beginning! And nothing is exempt, for everything will live just as all of creation will be made new. You, brother or sister, if you have drunk of this water and are alive, now where you go things will live! In our work, in our school, in our communities, at home, and abroad, in Christ you have become a river of living water and wherever you allow these rivers to flow, that place shall live!

I do not mean to expound that salvation comes from within oneself, for salvation is the Lord's alone. But what I do mean is that now we have the living water within ourselves that others may know of it, recognize their own need, and come to drink of this living water, Jesus Christ, themselves. This is our charge my dear brothers and sisters, that we should go and make disciples, teach them all the things which Christ has taught us, and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Together in Christ,
Jacob Motl

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