Israel Service Tour - Hesed

Mar 8-26, 2017

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Sadness, joy and amazement

It's our fifth day at Kaplan Medical center with the Hesed project. I can say this journey so far has been the best and most fulfilling experience of my life. I'm humbled to think that Yeshua has chosen me to be a part of this life changing privilege to work alongside his chosen people.

The staff at Kaplan and the Israelis in general are a warm and welcoming people.
My day started out in the cleaning department, with two of my teammates. Today our assignment was cleaning ​plus​ washing the third stairwell (seven flights of stairs)​.​ I never thought that the stairwell is a unique place to be. We had numerous encounters and opportunities verbally and non​-​verbally​ with Kaplan people​. One doctor stopped to ask why we are doing the hardest job in the hospital. It's always my pleasure to tell them about my passion for Israel and my desire to serve them in any way possible.

It's so neat to see Yeshua use divine appointments ​to open other doors​. This starts with friendship, caring​,​ and service. My desire is to be an effective tool in this work at Kaplan.

After lunch I finished the day in the ER waiting room by washing and wiping down the seats​ and​ pictures hanging on the wall. As I worked in the ER I became aware that I was being watched by the staff, but even more so by the patients and their families; how I did my work, my interactions with others​,​ and my countenance. Actions speak louder than words, but I need to be open, willing to seize the opportunity when someone wants to talk. It's a gradual process in friendship building.

So far it has been very evident to me that Israelis can remember faces very well​. They have a brilliant Yeshua​-​given mind and ​they are ​a very innovative nation.​ Life isn't always easy for our Israeli friends, but one thing I know. They are a people who love to sing, dance, laugh and enjoy their families! They don't let fears and st​r​ess discourage them. I love how they demonstrate "realness."

At ​5​:00 pm we had the opportunity to visit the Friend​s​ of Zion museum​ in Jerusalem​. I had so many different feelings rush through my body. Feelings of sadness, joy and amazement. This truly was a stunning and remarkable experience. To top it off we ended the night at the Tower of David museum​ to see the ​sound and light ​program called the Night ​S​pectacular. We watched the history of Jerusalem unfold before our eyes​, f​rom the time of David to the present-​day ​Jerusalem​,​ the capital of Israel. I was speechless.

What a memorable day!

1 Chronicles 29:11 sums it all up ​so well.

Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all.

Blessings and Shalom,

Priscilla Gerber
Ontario, Canada

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