Israel Service Tour - Hesed

Mar 8-26, 2017

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Enjoying the Unexpected

I have the privilege of telling you about my journey to Israel thus far.

The journey really began more than two years ago with prayer. I've been studying the book of Isaiah with Kay Arthur and some amazing faithful women who love the Lord and the Jewish people. The book of Isaiah speaks many times about God's plans.

I know at this moment in time I'm right where God wants me. I don't know what He has planned from day to day, but that's what makes it so exciting - the unexpected.

May I tell you about a few people I met on my first full day in Israel. Five other team members and I ventured into the Old City of Jerusalem on public transportation. I had the joy of sitting next to a young Jewish woman. We spoke of American politics. She wanted to know why I am in Israel, which opened another conversation. I told her I am here to serve, to listen and learn, and to show love, Yeshua's love, to the Jewish people.

A soldier then came up to me and started a conversation. He is from New Jersey and came to join the army. His mother worries, but she is also very proud of him.

Later in Jerusalem, I met a Jewish shopkeeper who spoke of his faith. As I said earlier, I came to listen and learn. This shopkeeper quoted New Testament scripture, and we as a team listened because he wanted to talk. He will be in my prayers that the Holy Spirit will lead him to God's whole truth.

I also joined in the fun of the celebration of Purim, the Jewish holiday which the Israeli people began observing today. Those dressed in costumes were thrilled to have their pictures taken.

I must end by thanking all who have and continue to support our team in prayer. You are a vital part of the team. I also would like to thank my family for their love and support. I love you and miss you.

Shalom, and may God's blessings be upon all who read our blog!

Pam Roberts
Cincinnati, OH

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